Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance


High Cost of Silicon Valley Living

Poverty is a government defined term based on the total income a person or family receives. It's also a relative term dependent on where one lives. Based on data for 2012 from the US Department of Health & Human Services the national poverty guideline for a family of four is $23,050. For Santa Clara County the "self-sufficiency standard" for 2011 for a family of four is from a low of $55,633 to a high of $95,802 with childcare being the major variant.

Could This Be You?

 The average income for a CSA client family of four is $21,614. They are not unemployed. They are literally the working poor who struggle to make ends meet and are constantly one paycheck or financial/medical/automotive emergency away from becoming a permanent underclass with little hope of stability, let alone upward mobility.

"CSA is the community's safety-net that provides critical support services that preserve and promote stability, self-reliance and dignity." — CSA Mission

CSA's safety net includes:

  • Emergency financial assistance for rent, utilities, prescriptive medication, dental care and eye exams.
  • Back-to-School distribution of backpacks, school supplies and shoe vouchers.
  • Holiday Sharing opportunities with food, clothing and toy distributions.
  • Fee waivers for Mountain View Park & Recreation programs

"If it hadn't been for CSA I'd be out on the streets again..." - CSA Emergency Assistance client


For more information about Emergency Assistance, contact our Emergency Assistance Coordinator.

The Changing Demographics of People in Need of Safety-net Services

Martha is a 61-year old woman, with no family in this area, who has had a contract for teaching at a local community college. While she made $12,000 each quarter she still found herself struggling to pay for rent, utilities and food. She was embarrassed to both acknowledge the need and then actually to seek safety-net services from CSA. But her living situation had become too stressful to stand on pride. CSA assisted with rental assistance and Martha does access our Food & Nutrition Center. Now, however, her contract to teach has ended and, while stable for a way, she now has to look for a new job.
Sam is a married man with 2 children in grammar school. He worked as a Software Engineer until laid off and is now having a difficult time finding a new job. The family income had been from his unemployment insurance and his wife's job. Unfortunately, now, she has been laid off, too. They have already exhausted their savings and they still have the mortgage on the house but are unsure how much longer they can hold unto it. CSA has assisted them with financial rental and utility assistance and with access to our Food & Nutrition Center to help stabilize their crisis while they try to find new jobs.