Homeless Services

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April 17, 2016

Survival and Defeat in Silicon Valley Slum

CSA Takes on Growing Homelessness

Homeless Woes in Affluent Silicon Valley


Housing takes the largest proportion of a wage-earner's income. Loss of a job or even a cut-back on hours can be devastating to an individual or family that is living paycheck to paycheck. Even with the job the potential of any unexpected expense — a car repair, a medical bill, or school supplies — can often send a family into economic crisis with a threat to their home and the stability that comes with it.

Homelessness does not just affect the drug-user or mentally impaired. People can become homeless even with a job. During this economic downturn we have been seeing more and more people with jobs that don't pay enough to pay the rent. These people end up sleeping on their friends' couches for as long as they can; then they live in their car and when all options run out, they live on the street, sleeping in bus shelters or under freeway overpasses.

Homeless in High Tech's Shadow

And, then, with no permanent address it becomes even more difficult to find a job and get back on their feet.

CSA homeless case managers assist these people with

  • information to locate and secure affordable housing;
  • information and assistance with public transportation;
  • assistance with benefits and health services;
  • financial assistance is available for one month's rent once they secure employment and a place to live that fits within their budget;
  • Food is also available for them through our Food & Nutrition Center.

Homeless in Silicon Valley

Housing is ultimately dependent on income and the stability of that income and only when a degree of stability is assured are the homeless able to move ahead with self-reliance and dignity.


"...everything was overwhelming...financially, emotionally, phyically...and spiritually" - CSA homeless client


 For more information regarding our Homeless Services program, contact our Homeless Services Coordinator.