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Senior Services

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Integrating social and medical care for senior adults under the direction of a case manager results in fewer hospitalizations and postponement of institutionalization. This means considerable savings in monies not spent on medical care and nursing facilities by Federal and State health care programs.

But, more importantly, in real human terms this means a senior can live in their own home and in a familiar environment – two significant factors in Mom's or Grandma's quality of life especially if our careers or life's journeys have taken us to other parts of the county.

Case management gives the senior someone they can count on; someone they can trust on a day-to-day basis.

Local Senior Centers:
Mountain View Senior Center

266 Escuela Ave.
Mountain View , CA 94040 (map)

Los Altos Senior Center
97 Hillview Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94022 (map)


Albert is an 80 year old referred to CSA by his social worker at El Camino Hospital because he was facing eviction from his apartment. The CSA Senior Services case manager assisted him with rental assistance through the federal Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) which stabilized his living conditions. He was also provided reflective counseling in regards to his strained family relations (divorced) to relieve that additional anxiety.

In addition, his Senior Services case manager worked with him on managing and prioritizing his budget to maintain his housing. He was also assisted in applying for In-House Supportive Services (IHSS) to help him maintain his apartment along with an application for senior housing.

CSA’s Nurse Case Manager assisted him with managing his medications after he was discharged from the hospital. Since he has multiple health conditions – coronary artery disease, hypertension, gout, and a history of strokes - his medications needed to be adhered to. But, at the same time, his blood pressure medication was causing side effects which increased his risk for falling. Not comfortable with his primary care doctor, the CSA case manager was able to find a new primary care bilingual doctor with whom Albert is now very comfortable discussing his medical concerns.

Albert is happier, less anxious and tearful now that he has a CSA Senior Services case manager he trusts and can rely upon!

For more information about our Senior Services, contact our Senior Services Coordinator.